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Code of conduct

By boarding a NH Connections bus, passengers agree to follow this Code of Conduct. Passengers who use the services provided by the NH Connections program are responsible for using them for the purpose for which they are intended.

Passengers who violate the Code of Conduct may be prohibited from using NH Connections either temporarily or permanently. Northern Health reserves the right to immediately prohibit any person from using NH Connections if their actions threaten the safety of others.

Passengers must:

  • Ensure they are physically able to travel on the bus
    • Regulations do not allow for medical attendants on the bus. Therefore, passengers who are not physically able to travel on the bus should not do so. Passengers who need ongoing medical care during travel should contact BC Ambulance Services.
  • Contact their booking agent to cancel their reservations
    • Failure to use a reserved seat means that another passenger may be denied the opportunity to travel for a needed health care service.
  • Ensure they have can pay their fares at the time of departure
    • Passengers will not be allowed on the bus if they don’t pay their fares.
  • Not be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs while on the bus
    • Northern Health and Diversified Transportation Ltd. have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and illegal drugs.
  • Refrain from smoking while on board the bus
    • Federal law prohibits smoking on board.
  • Follow the instructions of the bus driver at all times, otherwise you may be asked to leave the bus
  • Use headphones or turn down the volume when listening to music or using other electronic devices
  • Be considerate of their fellow passengers at all times by behaving in a respectful manner
  • Not solicit for commercial or non-commercial purposes

Passengers are responsible for:

  • Ensuring they can use the services provided by NH Connections.
    • It is not possible for Northern Health to offer a door-to-door, fully escorted service.
  • Registering for a seat on the bus.
    • This helps ensure there are enough seats for everyone who wishes to travel for healthcare reasons.
  • Arriving at the bus stop on time.
    • NH Connections buses are on a schedule and are unable to wait for passengers who are late. If you miss your bus, you’ll have to reschedule your appointment or find other transportation.
  • Attending their appointments and completing the associated documentation.
    • To comply with the Passenger Transportation Act and the Passenger Transportation Regulation.
  • Finding accommodations for overnight trips.
    • NH Connections cannot provide accommodation for passengers. Please check our Accommodations page.
  • Acting in accordance with the NH Connections Passenger Code of Conduct while on the bus.
    • The purpose of the NH Connections Code of Conduct is to ensure a safe, comfortable environment on board the bus for all passengers.

Passengers who register for NH Connections must fulfill their reservations. Failure to use a reserved seat means that another patient may not be able to travel for a needed health care service. As a result, passengers who do not use their reservations may be subject to restriction of future usage of NH Connections services.